Bodo Kirchhoff

4 D, 5 H, 1 Dek
UA: 15.05.2005 · Hessisches Landestheater Marburg · Directed by: Ekkehard Dennewitz
On a cold winter’s afternoon, nine teachers meet in the conference room of their grammar school. They are facing a difficult task: one of their pupils, Viktor Leysem, who has come of age recently, is accused of raping his seventeen-year-old classmate, Tizia, by her mother. Supposedly, it happened after the shared theatre rehearsal at school. It’s a “he said, she said” situation. Some of the teachers see Viktor as a rebellious troublemaker, who has previously attracted attention by behaving inappropriately towards teachers and classmates. Other teachers think he is an excellent pupil, bright and intelligent, one they’d like to have more of.

Based on the difficult decision the teachers must make this very day, ten people meet in a closed room in a way never seen before. Old debts, wounds, taboos, hate and love erupt and nearly make a rational decision impossible. A drama about guilt, focused on the human phenotype “teacher”.