Robert Woelfl

Mann und Frau in der Hundestellung
3 D, 3 H
UA: 20.12.2003 · Burgtheater (Kasino), Wien · Directed by: Stephan Rottkamp

Man insists on aesthetics. Beautiful woman, beautiful man, beautiful couple, beautiful relationship, beautiful beauty. But it doesn’t stay like that, especially during intercourse. During real intercourse. During the animalistic kind of coitus. During fucking. Man is looking for an outlet. Running from society. Successfully?

B No one escapes from this POW camp.
S A member of society will always stay a member of society.
A The ocean wave can’t leave the ocean and the breeze can’t leave the wind.

Man can do more than beauty, doesn’t only want beauty, also wants other things. Escape from society, jump into the dirt, the social end. But society is very forgiving, one only has to find the way back. So, it can forgive. Fit in and we forgive. Amen.
S Fit in with your neighbour for example.

A Yes. Fit in with your neighbour. You like him. I like him, too.
M Fit in with your neighbour’s garden.
B Don’t you like his garden?
S Try

Robert Woelfl wrote this one act play as a commissioned work for the Wiener Burgtheater. There, the play was performed alongside three other one act plays as a homage to Werner Schwab on the 10th anniversary of his death.