Sabine Harbeke

nur noch heute
Basierend auf Kurzgeschichten von Raymond Carver
2 D, 3 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: März 2004 · Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich · Directed by: Barbara David Bruesch
The play jumps straight into relationship fights. Ex-husbands are visiting their ex-wives years later, suddenly kneeling on the floor and clinging to their skirts.

Sarah: what do you want? do you want me to forgive you? well, i forgive you. i forgive you. get up now. come on. it’s all good now. i have forgiven you.

Two married couples drink a lot, too much and despair at the question of whether love is exchangeable or eternal.
They are creatures without sleep or happiness, whose misery leads them into absurd, grotesque situations, which they still can laugh about and survive like this. To save their marriage, they rent a house at the sea for the summer and have to admit in the night already that their relationship is lost.

nur noch heute shows people in their late thirties, mid-forties, who fight for their love in kitchens, bedrooms, motels and remote country houses. They drink too much, fight with the ones they love, leave them and despair about that.