Herbert Achternbusch

Pallas Athene
4 D, 7 H, 1 Dek
UA: 16.09.2001 · Schauspiel Hannover · Directed by: Anselm Weber
Herbert Achternbusch wrote Pallas Athene in four days in March.
“Did I understand you correctly? Pallas Athene, not born by a woman, but arisen from Zeus, the divine man, given to the world without hatred, I mean Hades, immortal, only committed to knowledge. Only devoted to knowledge in sadness. Not giving in to the sadness about mortality and futility. Pallas Athene is the female Mozart, and much more than that, because she isn’t corporal, only figurative, knowing. Old man, you dreamed of this - I envy you.” (Alois in Pallas Athene)
In a Bavarian beer garden:
Retired classicist Alois is decently married, underemployed actor Adolf is dreaming of Pallas Athene. Aside from their philosophical disputes about thinking and thoughts or myth and chaos, there are inevitably political innuendos and many grotesque debaucheries…