Robert Woelfl

Ressource Liebe
3 D, 2 H
UA: 14.12.2006 · Schauspiel im Schaufenster Mitte, Staatstheater Stuttgart · Directed by: Sebastian Röhrle
Line has fallen in love with a house. But it’s not any house she has fallen for, it’s the new company building. She wanted to quit because her employer is exploiting her, but now she’s addicted to the company building.
Others try to talk her out of it. “You’re making the wrong connections” says Alice. Or “that doesn’t fulfil your desire for romance” says Tom. But Line can’t be convinced: “this architecture is so sexual. This building is charged with sex. I love this building and I want to sleep with it.”
Since Line has fallen in love with the building, she is now terrified of being let go. “I wanted to quit the whole time, and now I’m scared the company could fire me”, Line says. “You’re key personnel. You won’t be fired”, Tom replies. But the unthinkable happens: Line is fired. The company’s sudden decision to let her go is as crazy as her love for the building. For security reasons, she’s not allowed within one hundred metres of the building. And so, she stands on the parking lot every day, looking at the company building…
The play is about confusing work with love. And about defining love as a potential last resource. The power of love is alienated. Feelings, spaces, needs which used to be separated from the area of work are drawn into this domain. So that it can all run even better.
Translated into: Italian


Robert Woelfl
Ressource Liebe
Line hat sich in ein Haus verliebt. Aber es ist nicht irgendein Gebäude, in das ... mehr
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