Nuran David Calis

nach "Die Kindermörderin" von Heinrich Leopold Wagner, in einer Bearbeitung von Nuran David Calis
2 D, 5 H
UA: 6.05.2010 · Deutsches Theater, Berlin · Directed by: Nuran David Calis
Eva, daughter from a good family, meets Grönsbeck, the bouncer of the club, and falls for him. But there is also Magista, a business partner of her father, whom she also likes. Eva knows how much her father Humbrecht would like this match, and she also suspects why. After the early death of his wife, Humbrecht doesn’t want to also lose his daughter, lose her to another life. For him, Magista would be the guarantee of things staying exactly as they are. But Eva gets pregnant by Grönsbeck, and Grönsbeck declares he wants to be a father to the unborn child. But he vanishes to the South to earn money. Eva will wait. Tell the truth to her father and a friend. And, despite that, fall apart in the end. Powerfully overwhelming and with language that precisely differentiates social differences, Heinrich Leopold Wagner tells the story of a love which fails because of class differences and different values in his domestic tragedy The Child Murderer, written in 1776.
Director and author Nuran David Calis has re-written Wagner’s Sturm und Drang drama and brought it into the urbanised present.
(Deutsches Theater Berlin)