Sabine Harbeke

2 D, 3 H
UA: 16.09.2006 · Bühnen der Landeshauptstadt Kiel (Lagerhalle Nordhafen) · Directed by: Sabine Harbeke
Gudrun hasn’t been to Gisela’s diner for a long time, for her grandmother, whom she lived with, has died. When she was her age, she already had three children and no husband anymore. Gudrun also doesn’t have a husband, but she would have liked to have children. In a man, only the good genes would have mattered to her, for men don’t stay anyway. Gisela’s remark that she’s also been in hospital to have a tissue sample taken remains unheard…

Heinz, the catholic fisherman, has good genes, Gudrun is sure of it. And she nearly would have invited him to her place to eat rabbit, but Heinz won’t stand for being told he’s egotistical for keeping his genes to himself.
Uwe, who doesn’t dare to go home anymore after there was a break-in, is trying to stay with his friend Heinz, but he refuses. Gisela wishes for a son like Uwe, she didn’t even like her own son when he was a child. And between all of them there is Jakob, the undertaker, who talks about his dead…

“Disturbing, melancholic, comical are the fragile images, which constantly make you feel like things could have gone differently. A small cosmos of futility, in which Sabine Harbeke proves once more to be a fine theatrical artist, someone who detects the smallest changes in a fragile web of moods and dissects them.” (Kieler Nachrichten)