Reto Finger

Schwimmen wie Hunde
2 D, 3 H
UA: 16.11.2005 · Theater an der Winkelwiese, Zürich · Directed by: Katja Gaub
Robert and Charlotte were a couple for seven years. Now Charlotte calls off what Robert thought was so harmonious. The time as a twosome is over. Temporarily, Robert is allowed to live in the basement. This includes use of kitchen and bathroom, but excludes any claim for love. Victor lives with Charlotte now, a “symptom” of their no longer functioning relationship. But when the latter leaves, Robert is still there. And when John arrives and when the Baby arrives, Robert is still there as well, in his basement hole. All begging and pleading is to no avail, he will not budge.

The absurdity of this cohabitation isn’t based on outer circumstances. It is rather the result of a perpetual fight for the preservation of the innermost core. Secrets stay secrets, even when they are revealed to the other person. And concessions turn out to be empty promises. With an extremely entertaining sense of humour and a sharp eye, Reto Finger describes man’s will, man’s failure and ultimately man’s instinctual revolt.
Translated into: Danish, English, Spanish, Swedish