Gerhard Meister

Shark Kiss
1 D
UA: 27.05.2006 · Theater Rote Fabrik, Zürich · Directed by: Susanne Kessler
"It starts with the fact that she is completely exhausted and has only one goal: to get into the bathtub. Then comes the call. As a journalist, she cannot say no to the most renowned feuilleton in the country, so she will go to this interview. The music groupd Shark Kiss has already sold a million records in England, but she didn’t even know the name of the band. The taxi ride to the airport is a torture, and then the flight itself is worse. But somehow she manages it. She works, even when no one around her works and everything is still. But the longer she works, the more it becomes clear that her night shift is only a pretense.

Gerhard Meister's text about burnout is translated into atmospheric fragments in the production - a momentary sketch of a person is created. You stand at the crossroads: do you pull yourself together again, or do you stay down?" (Announcement Red Factory)

"The strength of Gerhard Meister's insight lies in the extremely precise everyday situations he describes. The author deals with burnout syndrome, currently a hot topic, and he does so in a ... presssing way." (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)