Manfred Tauchen, Alexander Liegl, Gabi Rothmüller

Siegfried - Götterschweiß und Heldenblut
Ein Germanical
Musik von Aron Altmann / Stephan Auer / Frank Schimann / Manfred Liebethal
6 D, 8 H, 1 Zwerg, St, Verwandlungsdek
UA: Januar 2003 · Münchner Feststpielhaus · Directed by: Gabi Rothmüller / Manfred Tauchen
“The catchy pop music from chart toppers really gets the warriors wiggling. With fantastic ghost-train scenery and warlike costumes that you might find at a carnival rental company, the stage is set for a rollicking good time with a false bottom. Delightful caricatures of the men from the Burgundian court: Severin Groebner’s Siegfried, a slender, blond-haired angel, is a real anti-hero with a great voice; Tauchen’s nasty Hagen seems to have descended from Obersalzberg in lederhosen; and Alex Liegl plays a limp Gunter whose tightly-spun verses with their alliterative jokes add a lot to the success of the production. A wacky Teutonic parody that sends up the epic poem with entertaining slapstick humour.” (Tageszeitung)
“A party for anyone who has already had a good laugh at the weird alpine clothing of Königssee. (“The mountains are beckoning!”) Here, Tauchen’s legendary ‘Gailtal’ is reincarnated as the equally stocky Brünnhilde (“I pick flowers, who will pick me?”), and “Bua” (Severin Groebner), who succumbs to the fateful allure of the rugged summit, returns as the title character, Siegfried. An impressive, narrow-chested warrior (“I’m a fierce lion!”), a young fop, not from the Rhine, but from the Danube, who beats all his opponents in his broad Viennese accent and sweet-talks all the women.” (Merkur)
“Hojotoho! The proto-Germans are forming a chorus line to attack your diaphragm.” (Abendzeitung)
Siegfried is a winner, and the play would work even if hit songs hadn’t been thrown in as a bonus. The secret to success is the proven Watzmann principle of parody and pastiche, the use of instinct and curiosity in this shameless, rough, rollicking good comedy.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)