Beate Faßnacht

sofort heiraten
2 D, 2 H, 1 Dek
UA: 12.05.2007 · Theater Würzburg · Directed by: Hilde Schneider
Franz would like to marry Rosi tomorrow. Rosi wants to marry, if at all, the day after. And tortures herself with Emi’s last nibble. Emi is scared of all the food being sticky. Because Rosi always lets it become sticky. Because she can’t decide. Franz or Ernst. Although he already also loves Emi. Endless long waiting doesn’t work for Franz though. But it’s all always too fast for Rosi. She somehow gets pregnant anyway. And when she gives birth to the turtle, Franz and Rosi get married today after all.

Beate Faßnacht’s impressive dramatic debut doesn’t obey rules. The norms are suspended. During the course of an evening, Rosi and Franz try to follow the conventional rules of a relationship with mellow indifference. But they can’t find the contentment they hoped for. Demand and reality are so far apart that the practised normality nearly can’t be exceeded in absurdity.

“From the play with clichés, conventions and (gender-specific) roles, an absurd-comical farce develops, exploring the abysses of a society built on stable relationships while at the same time rarely offering strategies for coping with the requirements of them.” (Announcement Mainfrankentheater Würzburg)