Gerhard Meister

Auftragsarbeit für das Theater an der Effingerstrasse in Koproduktion mit dem Vorarlberger Landestheater Bregenz
1 D, 1 H
UA: 18.02.2023 · Theater an der Effingerstrasse, Bern · Directed by: Bastian Kabuth
"What should I do next to get myself going?"

Who decides the point at which you're too old for certain things? For hopscotch, affairs, camping holidays. Can you still rob a bank when you're almost eighty? Or is that no longer taken seriously? Isn't it even a morally valuable act if she robs a bank and redistributes the money like Robin Hood - or loosely based on Bertolt Brecht, according to whom robbing a bank is not a crime compared to founding a bank?
An old woman and a young man enter the stage. A play begins in which perception seems to blur: memories come back to life - or were they just wishes, dreams, longings? Is the present definitely the now? And how real is reality? Nothing is certain in this evening on stage ...

The Immortal

"Writing a play for the actress Heidi Maria Glössner was the commission given to the author and spoken word artist Gerhard Meister, who is part of the authors' group "Bern ist überall". An endeavour in which he has clearly succeeded: Glössner takes the stage for herself from the very first moment. It is a parade role for the 80-year-old actress, who does not seem to age. The scene in which she announces to her heir hunter son that she is immortal and that her doctor has just congratulated her on her blood results is easy to believe." (Der Bund / BZ)