Hilke Bultmann

Sprüh's auf jede Wand
Die 80er Schlagerette
Auftragsarbeit für die Domfestspiele Bad Gandersheim
4 D, 5 H
UA: 24.06.2011 · Domfestspiele Bad Gandersheim · Directed by: Olaf Strieb
80s parties, revival shows, the comeback of leggings, ultimate chart shows: the 80s are considered iconic already. Strange? Not at all: this decade was as multifaceted as rarely any before. At the beginning of the decade, hundreds of thousands protested because they wanted more than just “a bit of peace”. At the end of the decade, walls were not only tagged with graffiti but torn down. In between, West Germany went through a style mix, swaying between mainstream and underground. Shoulder pads, manta-style, carrot jeans or home-dyed dungarees, mohawk, mullet or pop-haircut, there were a lot of sources of friction, in fashion, in politics, in the streets. And at the forefront: music. Because pop culture dominated daily life like never before and was very diverse in itself. In , we want to revive some facets of this not always stylish decade, with many songs and hits from that time. (Announcement Gandersheimer Domfestspiele)