Simon Paul Schneider

Tanja Schuhmann
8 D, 5 H, St (Doppelbesetzungen mögl.)
frei zur UA
Grunwalski actually is the caretaker of the theatre. But tonight it is he who greets the audience, in tails and top hat, the state orchestra plays, his female assistants make jokes – everything is perfect. Until Scholli makes an appearance, a cream cheese from the small village of Oradour-sur-Glane in France. Until Tanja Schuhmann makes an appearance, Grunwalski’s daughter. Until death makes an appearance, an old friend and companion. Grunwalski is lying in a bed in the hospice in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. At his bed: his daugher, relatives, nurses, Scholli whose real name is Jean-Louis, strangers and familiar people, and with them all of Grunwalski’s memories. And these memories are unbearable not only for him.

A trip into the heart of darkness.