Beate Faßnacht

Virgin Wool
1 D, 1 H
UA: 4.11.2010 · TamS Theater, München · Directed by: Hilde Schneider
HE (not very young anymore) has reappeared again. SHE (even less young) is still there. And why not. From time to time, an antelope appears. And from time to time, it smells like fish. Apart from that, it’s just the two of them. They are attached to each other, scan each other and provoke each other. One knows another. Always. And they are still not sure about how to treat each other. HE wants to know what SHE is thinking – SHE wants to avoid “thinking the wrong thing” in any case. It has always been this way. Between HIM and HER. Both don’t care too much about life. They are staying anyway.

Their past is a twine. Not one that has been spooled straight, but one lying around wildly, breaking up again and again. As if one had shorn sheep, the fragments of memory are lying before them. The questions are asked persistently and straight. They are unstoppably approaching their secret to roll it up straight.

Beate Faßnacht’s play is an exact observation between a man and a woman who are searching for clarity about their past. Carefully, memories are touched and, like a mosaic, Virgin Wool assembles itself more and more for us.