Robert Woelfl

2 D, 3 H
UA: 17.01.2003 · Staatstheater Stuttgart · Directed by: Elias Perrig
“You were alone. You felt alone. Someone hurt you. I will never hurt you.”

The hedonistic society is letting off steam. Sex makes you happy, pills make you cheerful. Love is a nuisance and it hurts. Alex loves craziness. Limits are made to be transgressed. There are victims, but who cares. Julian loves Katrin. And against the advice of his friend Alex (“Forget about that shit”) he promises her eternal love. But Karin lives for the moment and soon can’t stand him anymore. She prefers Alex, who doesn’t get so clingy. Experimental sex and ultimate thrills. Alex resists commitment and still helplessly falls for Katrin. Katrin misses Julian and longs for the closeness of her long-time neglected sister Silvia. But Julian and Silvia hesitate more than expected. In the end, Katrin leaves Alex to be with Julian. But now, he rejects her…
A play about lonely sexuality and the phantasms of love.
Wahrheit was commissioned by the Staatstheater Stuttgart.