Björn SC Deigner

Auftragsarbeit für das Staatstheater Meiningen
3 D, 2 H
UA: 9.4.2022 · Staatstheater Meiningen · Directed by: Schirin Khodadadian
The forest has always been a place of longing and a possibility to retreat from the world. Myths, fairy tales and magic proliferate in the shade of its trees. But its vastness also arouses desires, for example of a construction nature. Nevertheless, one thing is true: those who enter the forest come out changed.
This is what happens to the characters in this play. A university professor and his lover get lost on the way to their love nest, a young activist loses her group connection, an heiress roams the forest with a huge axe, and a druid invokes the return to nature. They encounter those who are here permanently: the trees and the rampant growth, the forester, a brother and sister, a witch, a fleeting figure, and a bird.

Full of wit, Björn SC Deigner's play lures us in small episodes deep and deeper into the forest, where all certainties increasingly dissolve. Nothing remains as it seems, and so it proliferates ever further to the edge of the realistic and beyond. Finally, those who can't see the forest for the trees are left behind at the parking lot.