Bodo Kirchhoff

Wer sich liebt
6 D, 6 H, (Doppelbesetzungen möglich), St
UA: 11.06.1984 · Badisches Staatstheater, Karlsruhe
In Wer sich liebt, several people meet in the context of a literary event, in a conference and leisure centre. They belong there more or less, seen in the context of their different relationships towards absent celebrities – to the imaginary.
Ludger is a writer and obviously doesn’t feel well; Astrud is an arts editor and wants to stay at arm’s length; Margit collects autographs and wants more than just the signatures; publisher Mayer-Lay believes he is pursued by a rejected author; his daughter Frederike is doing research for a book about torture; Werner, his bodyguard, keeps an eye on Margit; Vera gives life advice; Friedhelm is her companion; a waiter asks for orders. In between two black asylum seekers appear, as well as Dieter, Ingrid, Klaus and Petra, who talk about tennis.
The conversations, chats and scenes which unfold from the ongoing meetings are variations on a longing for the same, variations on the conservative; they complement each other in a text which keeps heading towards comedy.