Robert Woelfl

Wildnis und Casinos
2 D, 3 H
UA: 22.04.06 · Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße, Wien · Directed by: Gernot Plass
“First, there was the silence. It jumps over from the stage to the auditorium. Spans the distance between five piano stools… arranged in a half-circle. And the people sitting down on them, wearing colourful clothes… don’t say anything, either. But then it starts: people are fighting and arguing for all they’re worth. Staccato insults and passionate stories are thrown back and forth. Everyone together, and still every man for himself.
Only the contract counts. Nick… has bought a treasure map for a lot of money, to go on an adventure. The others don’t support this. It seems too irrational. Rita… only thinks about getting money and risks her love. Lucy… wants to double her money in a risky way to further her career. Jonathan… is in love with his credit card and with his client consultant. Carlos… is under constant stress and drinks 20 special teas a day.
The premiere production of Robert Woelfl’s Wildnis und Casinos is a firework of tirades, which has been staged full of energy by Gernot Plass. The individual is the centre point: how does it deal with money, power and risk? Fast scenic bites are followed by sung intermezzi – as unpredictable as life. Risk is everything. Hugs, cheesy love songs or heartfelt guitar solos, on the other hand, mean security. Everyone is standing before the future on trembling, steadfast legs. What will they decide for? Risk?” (Wiener Zeitung)
Wildnis und Casinos was commissioned by the Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße (TAG) in Vienna and was first performed there in April 2006.