Robert Woelfl

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1 D, 2 H
UA: 20.09.2013 · Mainfranken Theater Würzburg · Directed by: Stephan Suschke
Julia, Martin and Ricardo are young financial consultants in difficult times of economic crisis. Martin, for example, has a problem: he has convinced his parents – who are usually very risk-averse – to invest their money in “secure” stocks. And now the extremely unlikely has happened: the stock price has fallen, Martin’s parents have lost their pension, they don’t talk to their son anymore.
Julia has a customer, Niklas, whom she recently sold life insurance to and who now calls her several times a day, asking questions about her personal life. She doesn’t want to answer them, but Martin and Ricardo coax her – “tell him what he wants to know. Let him develop trust in you.” – for they know: “when you buy something, you develop feelings… he has developed feelings of affection for you.” But Julia replies: “As long as I earn that little, I don’t want any feelings of affection.”
Resignation or even hopelessness are not allowed. In the end, at least Martin has been able to convince his parents to buy stocks again.
JULIA You made your family a family again by behaving marketing-oriented.
RICARDO You reached a state of harmony by behaving marketing-oriented. That’s your job.

The three young advisors talk about emotions and relationships using the terms of the financial world, and talk about their work emotionally. The characters are touching in their stubborn enthusiasm for their jobs and their dogged insistence on a self-image which has lost most of its factual basis.


Robert Woelfl
Wir verkaufen immer
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