Helwig Arenz

Abgefahren (8+)
Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren
2 D, 2 H
frei zur UA
"Attention, important message! To all passengers: Please move quickly and stand in disorderly clusters in front of the train doors! The train is about to depart," the announcement sounds through the main station. No time to lose! Marie stands impatiently on the platform - her mother is nowhere to be seen. What can she do? Even that gruff Mr. Borstig is not much help. Good thing he's already boarding the train. But wait a minute! He has forgotten his parcel! As Marie jumps onto the train with Borstig's parcel, the doors close behind her. The train leaves. Without her mother. But with a disgruntled Borstig in the compartment. What to do? He and the conductor are not much help. They'll probably throw Marie out straight away! She doesn't have a train ticket, and Marie doesn't know where she's going either. It's good that she meets Zündel. He is an expert in semi-legal travelling and improvisation. But can Marie trust him at all? When suddenly the pesky package starts talking, chaos is inevitable.

In Helwig Arenz's children's play, Marie experiences a turbulent train journey across the country. In the process, she learns to make her own decisions and take care of herself. Who can she trust? Will she ever see her mother again? A "railroad trip" that will change Marie forever. Helwig Arenz describes with absurd humour and great empathy how a young girl finds her way in the world of ignorant adults. A hymn to tolerance and self-determination.