Falk Richter

Alles. In einer Nacht.
Ein Streifzug
1 Darsteller
UA: 01.11.1996 · Kammerspiele, Hamburg · Directed by: Falk Richter
Everything. In one Night tells the story of a young woman who declares the night and the big city as her territory. She leaves behind the everyday structures which have become too peaceful for her in order to experience “everything” which life hasn’t offered her in experiences and changing emotions “in one night” with her body and mind. Very consciously she moves into situations which until now were strange to her. And in doing so, she watches herself and her counterparts in the process very precisely: She doesn’t want to rush through the chaos of the night, but wants to experience, to keep protocol, to trace, to discover, to understand. At dusk she sets herself aim and time limit. By dawn she wants to have experienced everything in order to be able to decide afterwards as what person she wants to return or to set off.
The play is put together from protocols of intimate conversations between the author and director Falk Richter with the actress Marie Bäumer and other women of her generation which he has assembled with other characters and texts into a new fictional character. The character “Marie” changes with ease from pure textual speech to musical language of pop songs, the songs and chansons which form the mythical substance of a young generation because they supply a language for every emotion and every mood, whether authentic or borrowed. (Falk Richter)
Translated into: English, French, Portuguese