Lucien Haug

eine Tragödie nach Sophokles in einer Fassung auf Baseldytsch von Lucien Haug
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Basel
1 D, 1 H, Chor
UA: 08.09.2023 · Theater Basel · Directed by: Antú Romero Nunes
Antigone disagrees. Her brother died on the battlefield as a traitor. King Creon therefore refuses to honour him. But Antigone rebels. Against the law, the new ruler and, in the end, against the citizens of Thebes. A woman's opinion doesn't count for much here. Creon threatens to bury her alive. Greek dramas are dialogues between the main characters and the chorus, between citizens and their tragic heroes. Following the success of Uncle Vanya in Swiss German, Antú Romero Nunes invites a chorus of Basel residents to the Schauspielhaus. Together with the company, they tell the myth of Antigone in Basel dialect for the first time. (Theatre Basel)