Maria Milisavljevic

Auf ewig unser Gestern
für Welt / Bühne am Residenztheater
4 Darsteller, Die, die sind waren sein werden. (ad lib.)
UA: 23.06.2018 · Residenztheater, München · Directed by: Franziska Angerer
A house at the river which marks the border. A door which is always closed, and people who always have been and always will be there. With her polyphonic play, Maria Milisvaljevic provokes the ghosts of a Bavarian family. Then as now the outside “world is on fire”. Inside, the voices of the past overlap with the fears of generations. Tales, letters and songs are layered on top of each other and those who, like the “little one”, try to learn the truth, keep getting different answers which in turn become new memories. (Announcement Residenztheater Munich)