Philipp Kreuzer

Ave Atlantis
2 D, 1 H, 1 Dek
UA: 21.05.1991 · Neue Nazarethkirche, Berlin · Directed by: Klaus Emmerich
Karl-Ernst Ludwig, who also calls himself Erasmus von Dattelhofen, is a failed local messiah. He has written a multi-page epic poem by which, by his own rock-solid conviction, mankind will be healed and his own place on the Parnass beside Homer, Vergil and Dante will be secured. Mankind has other plans, however, and so Karl-Ernst only finds an audience in his simpleton sister and his drunken mother. When, during regular readings at the local town hall, no disciples or jubilant masses appear, the Savior becomes suspicious that only a conspiracy can be the reason for his failure. Who has betrayed him, on whom can Karl-Ernst take revenge? In the vortex of suspicion, envy and jealousy, the thoughts of Erasmus of Dattelhofen become confused - until they come to a bloody end.