Lucien Haug

Big Sister
Junges Theater Basel
1 D, 1 H
UA: 28.11.2020 · Junges Theater Basel · Directed by: Lucien Haug
Leslie gets a few minutes to say something about BIG SISTER at the beginning of this lesson. But when Mati - quite loaded - also stumbles into the classroom, it suddenly turns into a whole lesson. Because there are a lot of things to clarify: Why being healthy is a bit more complicated than just not being sick, why it would already be nicer if it were nicer, and whether you should actually live in an open relationship with your brain. Even if the two rarely agree, at least they find out what all this has to do with BIG SISTER. (Announcement Junges Theater Basel)


Big Sister


Die Performance schafft es, einen Diskurs anzustossen – «Big Sister» ist auf dem Pausenhof der perfekte Eisbrecher, um auf das Thema zu sprechen zu kommen – und das Tabu um psychische Erkrankungen weiter zu lüften.