Nuran David Calis

Das Erbe
6 D, 5 H, Stat.
UA: 23.11.2023 · Münchner Kammerspiele · Directed by: Pinar Karabulut
The Dogan family of Turkish origin has just buried their family father. In the middle of the mourning bursts the news of the arson attack on a Turkish house in Mölln. Three people are burning to death, two of them are children. The year 1992 is cruel for minorities, Germany experiences the most massive racist riots since the end of World War II.
The loss of the father Murat Dogan, who belonged to the first generation of guest workers from Turkey, has deeply affected the family. Together, the three adult children and their mother try to cope with the grief. And the legacy. Because Murat left his family a logistics company worth millions. But the surviving relatives disagree on how the company can be continued. Against the background of the arson attack and numerous neo-Nazi marches, the question arises whether Germany is still safe. The questions of home, identity, family, togetherness and self-determination lead to strong disputes in which each family member must question his or her position and find an attitude, under the budding racism in their "foreign homeland".
Using documentary elements based around the tragic events of Mölln, Nuran David Calis describes the fearful ordeal of the fictitious entrepreneurial family Dogan.