Roland Schimmelpfennig

Das große Feuer
Auftragsarbeit für das Nationaltheater Mannheim
UA: 21.01.2017 · Nationaltheater Mannheim · Directed by: Burkhard C. Kosminski
Grazing cattle, a brook, a little wooden bridge. On each side lies a village. Each village has a church – but one bell chimes a little later than the other. This eventually leads to an argument between the villagers. The winemaker beats the cattle farmer back over the bridge to get him out of his sight. That evening, the stream seems wider than usual. Years go by. While things get better and better for one side, for the others they are getting worse and worse. In the meantime, the brook has turned into a river, and the chimes of the bell have got further apart. Then a fire breaks out on one side. The other side wants to help, but for a long time now there hasn’t been a bridge any more.
Translated into: English, Russian, Slovakian