Katharina Tanner

Degerloch Dream
Ein Theaterstück, eine Revue, eine Farce. Ein Traumspiel.
Stück in 3 Bildern
11 D, 10 H, 2 K, 1 Dek
frei zur UA
The setting, the “inside of an unemployed head”, a huge office, with high walls full of files, which are constantly cleared out, put away and reordered by two additional characters. In addition, a huge, three-floor rack full of naked rubber dolls with black blindfolds and a big Mercedes star, to which the strongman Mr. Benz is tied headfirst.

The unemployed are waiting.

In Degerloch Dream, Katharina Tanner shows people who are victims of those who have power in a world that’s hermetically closed off, but even more than that, they are victims of themselves. Degerloch Dream fascinates with unexpected plot twists and pauses and uses many elements from contemporary television and its bizarre reality and celebrity shows.
Consequently, her play doesn’t only address the topic of unemployment, but is a dark metaphor on people and society, sketched in a theatrical tour de force. Degerloch Dream – an apocalyptic revue.