Robert Woelfl

Dem Herz die Arbeit, den Händen die Liebe
3 D, 2 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 12.01.2001 · Schauspiel Leipzig · Directed by: Claudia Bauer
Money makes the world go round – and one who has money also has power in a society focused on fun, leisure and consumption. Sonja has understood the rules of the game and derives her own entrepreneurial life philosophy from them.

Sonja’s product is love for sale, her first customer is Gerhard Sollmann. His product is the town’s newly opened shopping centre – “70,000 square metres of indulgence”, “a continent of epiphanies”, “the project of a century”. Erika Handsam, Sonja’s “good spirit from next door”, recognises him immediately when he shows up as a customer in the corridor again. Erika, unemployed and lacking life prospects, can see her lucky break coming… Sollmann’s façade begins to crumble, he’s trapped. And Erika becomes a fury, trampling over anyone if necessary to achieve her own wishes and longings.

In eighteen grotesque scenes, Robert Woelfl shows the absurdity of the maxims and self-perception of a highly competitive society, in which “justice” isn’t something that simply “falls from the skies”.
"Dem Herz die Arbeit, den Händen die Liebe is a reflection about capitalism and its promise of salvation, about the greed for physical satisfaction and fulfilment through love (or what looks like love to us). What we demand is the right to have someone who feeds us, loves us and gives work to us.” (Robert Woelfl)