Fiston Mwanza Mujila

Der Garten der Lüste
Auftragsarbeit für das Deutsche Theater Berlin und die Frankfurter Positionen 2021
4 H
UA: Januar 2021 · Deutsches Theater Berlin · Directed by: Carina Riedl
"Germany is separated from Austria by a border. The Republic of Austria is separated from the Czech Republic by a border. The Czech Republic is separated from Germany by a border, Germany is separated from Belgium by a border, Belgium is separated from Holland by a border. Brazil (still far from us) is separated from Bolivia by a border, Bolivia is separated from Paraguay by a border, Paraguay is separated from Argentina by a border, Argentina is separated from Chile by a border. Borders spread, cross, proliferate and multiply; borders between religions, languages, cultures... Borders that play with insomnia and insecurity. Hence the urgency of a large garden to remove all barriers and barriers. A garden on a world scale. A new world."

If there was a garden where everything was good. The people peaceful, the climate friendly, the inventions meaningful. If there was a garden that kept evil out. And with it the bad, the mean, the scheming, the dangerous. If there was a garden that promised a better world in the midst of all the chaos. Then there would not be enough room for everyone in it either.

With lyrical verve, lush, exuberant, rampant and sonorously rhythmic, Fiston Mwanza Mujila describes how an intoxicating vision of the garden of pleasure can become a not inconsiderable burden.