Roland Schimmelpfennig

Der halbe Mond
2 D, 3 H
UA: 25.09.2020 · Malmö Stadsteater · Directed by: Roland Schimmelpfennig
They all live in the skyscrapers of the suburbs. The "Chinese", too, who sells fruit and vegetables in his small shop. And who knows how to tell a story about each fruit. And who falls in love with the beautiful Olga. And because she also falls in love with him, the two become a couple. Although they aren't a match at all. The whole neighborhood thinks so. Because she is so young. And he is so old. She would be a better match with the "Lebanese". He works in the hardware store and is young and strong and knows the way to the roof. She also falls in love with him. She just wants to have everything at the same time. When the circus Navara comes to town and unhinges the world for a short moment, she actually gets everything at once, but in a different way than she expected. All of a sudden the old poet finds himself in the body of the Lebanese, while the vigorous young man has to cope with the body of the Chinese...