Andreas Marber

Die Beißfrequenz der Kettenhunde
Auftragsarbeit für das Thalia Theater Hamburg
3 D, 4 H
UA: 06.10.2007 · Thalia Theater, Hamburg · Directed by: Stephan Kimmig
It all starts with a little miracle. In the middle of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in the German Club, Peter Vischer, a failed man and one without any perspectives for the future, meets Rudolf Klaase, his father's old friend, and is unexpectedly confronted with the opportunity for a re-entry into professional life. Klaase wants to hire him as the managing director of his company, based in Hamburg .... The reason for Klaase's decision is his 'gut feeling', which tells him that this young man has something left to do – and this gut feeling has never led the successful businessman astray.

However, what goes on in the next few weeks in Hamburg, in the offices of the company 'Powerclothing,' forces us to observe how radically such a re-entry can fail. Vischer, full of vigor and the immeasurable hope of success and happiness, misinterprets the words and gestures of his boss and his subordinate collaborators, and is the last one to recognize that he has hit a dead end once again. And this time there is no turning back: Vischer has already taken the last step. Carefully and with the power of the desperate, he comes up with a radical plan.

While we watch a person fail, the author Andreas Marber sneaks a glance at an economic system that easily hurts such victims. Here, everyone is replaceable. And this glance is directed forwards, never backwards. (Announcement Thalia Theater Hamburg)