Simon Paul Schneider

Die Hütte im Wald
A German Horror Story
7 D, 6 H, 3 gelbe Bällchen
UA: 20.05.2017 · Theater Duisburg · Directed by: Simon Paul Schneider
Pack the bags, and off to the holiday camp in the woods. First the set programme, then a party at sunset. But the fire eventually goes out. Something is lurking in the darkness. Something is hissing in the undergrowth. In the distance, the outline of an old hut in the woods. An idea emerges from the outline of the trees: one person’s woods is another’s neighbour. The unfamiliar that we fear because we don’t understand it. That we are afraid of because it is not us. Because it perhaps can’t be us at all. We, we who are afraid of the dark, the shadows behind the door, the creaking of the beams. Reason enough to delve into the woods – the woods in us and around us. A German horror story.