Clemens Meyer

Die Nacht, die Lichter
Auftragsarbeit für das Centraltheater Leipzig
7 D, 13 H, (Mehrfachbesetzung möglich)
UA: 25.03.2010 · Centraltheater Leipzig · Directed by: Sascha Hawemann
He puts all his eggs in one basket—the dog owner who bets his money on the race track to pay for an expensive operation. Meanwhile, the young woman wants to show everyone that she can make it from the refugee ship to the top. Clemens Meyer's stories play out in quiet apartments, in warehouses, and on the river. Their heroes are exposed to life, they are the homeless and the dreamers who roam the night city. Meyer captures the tones of our time: in his rough, precise and delicate sentences he tells of great illusions, of longing and loneliness.

"People are at home in hotels, while journeying, or in solitude. People in the in-between, people who lost their way in life, people on the eternal search for a little happiness. People as Clemens Meyer masterfully describes them in his award-winning narrative Die Nacht, die Lichter. We are delighted to be able to build on a successful collaboration with Clemens Meyer with the premiere of Die Nacht. The dramatization is developed in close cooperation with the author himself. " (Announcement Centraltheater Leipzig)