Roland Schimmelpfennig

Die Zwiefachen
6 D, 6 H
UA: 06.06.1997 · Münchner Kammerspiele · Directed by: Markus Völlenklee
A midsummer night’s dream on the city fringes. Mysterious and dangerous. No one dances like Turan. But everyone desires her because of her dancing, they want to conquer her, to own her. Or try as hard as they can to steal the dance from her – for Saturday evening is coming round again and of course everyone wants to go dancing. Pairs form and break up:
“I found Turan with Gigi at the lake, where they were practicing dancing – I stung her in her ear and sucked her dance up into me. I nearly got hit while doing it because Gigi spotted me. In the blink of an eye it was all over, she couldn’t do a single step, she couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. Gigi left the suffering girl in an instant, and Gregor, too, who used to love Turan, he left her lying unconscious at the edge of the lake to run after Magda, who herself was going dancing with Gigi tonight, although she used to love Gregor and followed him around like a shadow.”
All this is reported by the housekeeper, who became a mosquito for a night, but that is another story…
This play seems to border a land between yesterday and tomorrow: unreal, realised, like a “star-distant world” (Roland Barthes). And yet, set between a swimming pool and a supermarket, it tells of the desperate desire, once in a lifetime – even if only for one night – to be loved and to be something special.