Michael Stauffer

Diese Farbe ist nicht mehr erhältlich
1 D, 1 H
UA: Januar 2002 · Theater an der Winkelwiese · Directed by: Gilles Tschudi
“In his text, author Michael Stauffer addresses patterns and unquestioned rituals in a relationship in an original way. Sleeping together, eating together, going on holiday together, every part of a normal relationship is subject to a catchy sharpening through strongly rhythmical sequences of words and sentences.” (Tages-Anzeiger)

“The play offers 36 episodic short (and shortest) scenes in which a young couple is declining their way through a relationship, searching for their own (pre)-position. Stauffer’s interest in this lies in inventing a linguistic rulebook for the fight of the sexes, in demonstrating losing and winning ground; through pre-linguistic attraction and verbal rejection, ironic language-ammunition and combative word-battles.” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

“With its open end, which cyclically leads back to the opening scene, Stauffer’s play rejects every formula, every didacticism, every chronology. It tells a moving story full of linguistic fractures, which the audience must assemble in a patient and focused manner, like a puzzle. Not only does the plot keep jumping back and forth between past and present, fantasy and dream, but additionally, Stauffer proves to be an explorer of a run-of-the-mill subject, which he purposely holds in suspense, using his changeable, often seemingly experimental, absurd or grotesque, yet highly poetical language.” (Thurgauer Zeitung)