Roland Schimmelpfennig

Diese Nacht wird alles anders
Discoteca Paraiso
5 Darsteller
The night is still young and the doors to Paradise are wide open. The black dog is waiting out the front. He doesn’t let everyone in. But if he does, nothing can stop you. Boom, boom, boom. Lights revolve above their heads. Alcohol pulses through their veins. 5 barmen, 3 Bulgarians, 2 Italians and 24 Frenchmen, 30 Spaniards, 4 Canadians, 12 Swedes, Norwegians, Russians, Danes, Belgians, Brits. Glances dart. Hearts race. Globalisation has come to Paradise. Barman Freddie’s 3 cousins drive everyone crazy. And in the middle of the beats, there are moments of closeness that make you forget that the magic only lasts for one night.
Translated into: English