Nuran David Calis

Dog eat Dog - Raus aus Baumheide
Heimattrilogie I
4 D, 6 H, einige HipHopper, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 14.10.2003 · Thalia Theater, Hamburg · Directed by: Annette Pullen
Baumheide – a plattenbau settlement in the north-east of Bielefeld. The “Glass House” – the hippest club in town. Serkan and Tom – bouncers. Marco – their buddy. Viktor – the enemy. And because Serkan and Tom have power and Marco wants power and Viktor gives power the story ends tragically, not least because of the women. Marco has a thing with Ziska, Viktor’s girlfriend. Serkan falls for Lola, the actor and outsider. Lily wants Tom, who loves Serkan. And because Viktor doesn’t share Ziska and Marco is doing shady deals and Serkan wants to drop out and Tom buys a weapon, Lily runs after Ziska, Marco plays his friends off against Viktor, Lola waits for the bus, the fronts harden, Marco is being tortured, Serkan mediates, Tom is armed and Viktor’s gang is ready – they end up destroying each other. The destructive hatred, envy and jealousy rip through the youth, destroying the crumbs of happiness and the hope. The only thing left behind is Baumheide.
Dog Eat Dog is a mixture between Shakespeare and Pulp Fiction, poetry and slang, love and terror. It bursts forth, recounting the inevitable fate of its characters, with remarkable tenderness it lets them suffer, love and hope. A piece of theatre, that in its synergy with the underlying aggression of the rap and hip-hop lyrics creates a maelstrom nearly no one will be able to escape from.