Albert Ostermaier

Ein Pfund Fleisch
nach Motiven aus William Shakespeares "Der Kaufmann von Venedig"
Auftragsarbeit für das Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
2 D, 4 H
UA: 14.09.2012 · Schauspielhaus, Hamburg · Directed by: Dominique Schnizer
Bassanio loves Portia. This is expensive, because Portia has a large inheritance and the suitors are queuing for her hand. He needs cash quickly, and Antonio, his best friend, has enough of it for the two of them. But Antonio can’t get to his money so quickly, because all his capital is tied up in all the markets of this world. But why can’t he make a short-term loan? After the close of the stock exchange, Antonio will be more than in the black again. In the meantime, there is Shylock, and Shylock can come up with cash quickly. This is his business, even if one makes fun of him for it on the Rialto. The stakes are high: Shylock will cut a full pound of meat out of his body if Antonio cannot repay his debt. But Antonio loves Bassanio, and he who loves is willing to risk not only his heart. Highly speculative, without scruples, without collateral – the young traders of Venice make such deals daily. The only God whom they serve is money. And with money comes salvation. Until the prices fall, the markets collapse, and the insane dealings in love and money get completely out of hand.