Sophie Reyer

Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache
Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren
1 D, 1 H
UA: 03.06.2021 · Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf · Directed by: Emel Aydogdu
Fairies and elves? Aren't they those pointy-eared creatures of light who flit through the air with their glittering wings and bring people luck?
But young fairy Le can tell you a thing or two about how mean and annoying they can be. Especially bad is the vain fairy Emelie, who makes fun of the fact that Le has neither pointed ears nor wings. Yet Le would so much like to be like the others. Why is the elf kingdom so alien to her, even though she was lovingly brought up there by Papa Fee? To find out, she goes on an adventure with her best friend Dragon. Because it is high time to become the heroine of her own story before sadness darkens her heart.

Sophie Reyer takes us on a fantastically musical journey where we meet chatty blue whales, caring potato men and wise star witches. An enchanting, interactive play for all ages five and up and an emotional journey to yourself.

"Maybe you too are the heroine of your story. Or are you?
Heroes are sometimes quite simple.
Yes they are. They are smart, kind, beautiful.
But often you don't see them at all." (Captain Blue Whale)