Thomas Mann

Fülle des Wohllauts
Nach dem gleichnamigen Kapitel aus dem Roman Der Zauberberg
Für die Bühne bearbeitet von Marcus Mislin
1 H
UA: Februar 2003 · Deutsches Theater, Berlin · Directed by: Marcus Mislin
Hans Castorp, who has been subjected to the "great dullness" of a pulmonary sanatorium for the past seven years, is in for a wonderful surprise. "What an accomplishment it was that saved our friend from card tricks, and gave him into the arms of another, nobler, if not less strange, passion." “It was a flowing cornucopia of joy and soul-heavy artistic enjoyment. It was a musical apparatus. It was a gramophone. ‘It is the newest model," said the privy councilor, "the last achievement, children, there is nothing better. This is not an apparatus or a machine, it is an instrument, that is, a Stradivarius..... I turn over the whole magic to your pleasure, give it into the protection of the audience. Do we want to let one play to test it out?” Hans Castorp is happy, with the fullness of harmony that flows from the recordings, "with the miracles of the chest in its four walls, with the flowering achievements of this trimmed little coffin, this dull black temple." He will dream his way into another world ...
A solo evening with a chapter from Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain, here a play for a narrator, a gramophone and many records. DeutschesTheater Berlin)

"The world, narrated by the slightly goblin-like spirit of the narrative, has already sunk into the deep past which the novel evokes at the outset ... In Fülle des Wohllauts , Thomas Mann gives us the aesthetic core of the novel - the connection of the moving with the comical. " (Süddeutsche Zeitung on the production of Marcus Mislin in February 2003 at the Deutsches Theater Berlin)