Falk Richter

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Auftragsarbeit für das Kunstfest Weimar
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UA: 26.8.2020 · Kunstfest Weimar · Directed by: Falk Richter
A man alone late at night, thrown back on himself and his frenzied thoughts, this has been a common motif in literature not only since Goethe's Faust. Seen from a distance, the Corona Crisis can also be seen as a gigantic experiment on the living modern subject: Man is thrown out of a frenetic life into the idle state of the lockdown and suddenly has to find his way around again. The diary is deleted. The hamster wheel stands still. The stress gives way to emptiness, and suddenly big questions arise. How do I want to live? In isolation, the person sees himself at the mercy of his own vulnerability, confronted with his own finiteness. What has my life been like up to now, how should it be in the future? With the questions, great feelings also break through: Loneliness and love, fear and anger. The experiment is unique. It takes place for everyone individually and at the same time for everyone. It confronts us with the truth about ourselves and about the society we will return to after this night. (Art Festival Weimar)