Roland Schimmelpfennig

Für eine bessere Welt
5 D, 5 H, 1 Junge
UA: 04.10.2003 · Schauspielhaus am Pfauen, Zürich · Directed by: Falk Richter
In an isolated jungle - sometime in the future - a unit of eight men and women fight an unknown enemy. It is a war that has gone on so long no-one can remember why it started or imagine how it can end. Soldiers have lost touch with reality, glass-eating aliens have infiltrated their ranks, and unit Delta Zero's massacre replays itself night after night in the same dark clearing. Blowing apart the idea of war as entertainment, this amoral epic is a provocative work from one of Germany's most celebrated contemporary playwrights.
Translated into: English, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish