Maria Milisavljevic

Auftragsarbeit für das Deutsche Theater Göttingen
2 D, 2 H
UA: 30.11.2019 · Deutsches Theater Göttingen · Directed by: Moritz Beichl
She turned him in. For rape. He is stunned. After all, they were both drunk and she took off her blouse in front of him. A clear signal for him. A misunderstanding for her. Suddenly nothing is as it was. Because he was her best friend and the founding partner of her company. And because she misses him and his wife and children, whose godmother she is. But there is nothing in common anymore. As much as both of them long for this never to have happened. And while he somehow continues for his family and actually sees the light at the end of the tunnel, it becomes more and more difficult for her to take part in normal life.

Maria Milisavljevic looks in divided from several angles into the abysses that open up after a rape. Full of touching poetry and at the same time with ruthless comedy, she describes the loneliness, the desire for revenge, the ambivalent feelings and self-doubts that follow such an act.