Stefan Schütz

Stück in 4 Akten nach Shakespeare
3 D, 21 H, (Doppelbesetzungen möglich), Verwandlungsdek
UA: 29.10.1981 · Münchner Kammerspiele · Directed by: Gerhard Willert
Stefan Schütz’s play Gloster tells the fable of Shakespeare’s Richard III from another perspective and for another age. The “power seekers” have turned into a kind of “attitude offenders”, who, while being no less power obsessed, underscore their actions with ideological motivation. With all his strength and violence and against all resistance, Gloster tries to enforce his vision of a better society of better people. But in the end, he recognises that a politics that is directed against the wants of the people is futile – and he goes down the “path from the heaven-assailing dead-end street” back to the people. Until he is shot.