Jens Roselt

2 D, 2 H, 1 Dek
UA: 16.06.2002 · Bühnen der Stadt Köln (Halle Kalk) · Directed by: Thorsten Fischer
In Jens Roselt’s comedy Handicap, the golf course becomes a metaphor for the shallowness, hollowed-out artificiality, and, ultimately banal madness of fashionable catchphrases like ‘identity design’, which is what this play is about.
A big agency has commissioned Mira to polish and prune the biographies of two candidates for a position in senior management and make them suitable for the big challenge. But something keeps getting in the way: a character that she had long given up on, an earlier reprogramming job that she couldn’t finish.
But the last remnants of old-fashioned things like self doubt, insecurity, and personal failings, which in prehistoric times were of course the foundations of a personality profile, make these two applicants fail again and again in a variety of ways.
When the gods wish to punish us they fulfil our wishes, and it is the brief of a comedy that everyone should end up happy precisely because their conscious wishes are not fulfilled. And this play fits the mould, so you don’t have to worry about the (admittedly unexpected) happy ending.
Translated into: French