Simon Paul Schneider

Hering, Stern und Stille
1 D, 2 H
frei zur UA
Two friends in the wilderness: Hering is paranoid and Stern is slowly realising that you need more to survive than boardgames and “Franz Ferdinand”, his balloon mascot. Something is lurking in the undergrowth, enemies might already be lying in wait. And then there’s the silence: only ever perceived by one person, it gives cryptic advice and is otherwise quite opaque in its intentions. Stern comes back out of the woods covered in blood carrying a huge lump of flesh, and they get into an argument. Franz Ferdinand is broken, landscapes change, time passes by. The camp site is furrowed. Two men, once friends, lie opposite one another in muddy trenches; above their heads the rumbling of bygone eras, and clouds of gas draw over the land.