Meike Hauck

Hund frisst Gras
3 D, 4 H, 2 Dek
UA: 21.04.2006 · Staatstheater Stuttgart (Depot) · Directed by: Claudia Bauer
It's a hot and wet summer night at a small rooftop cocktail-party and in the house across the street, and Vera and Paul's marriage is falling apart. As time passes, the small talk on the roof plods along as everyone watches Vera and Paul. The voyeurism of the guests on the roof gets intense: even the neighbor's intercourse is observed with cheerful commentary. The voyeuristic gaze crosses boundaries, and ease gives rise to something sinister. All this is followed by a visit to the neighbors' house, where what happens can't be anticipated. Then suddenly, it's over. A little party on a roof, some rain, and everything seems unchanged.
Translated into: English, Spanish