Kat Kaufmann

Ich distanziere mich von allem (und jetzt gut' Nacht)
Ein Solostück für eine weibliche Person. Oder mehrere. Oder eine
Gurke. Irgendwas, was genug Wasser hat. Schwungmasse sozusagen.
Wie die Erde zum Beispiel. Nein, die Erde nicht. Die kann nichts
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Lübeck und Theater Rampe
1 D
UA: 17.05.2017 · Theater Lübeck · Directed by: Marie Bues
#R U RLY Free? Alina Schömburg asks herself and posts her next YouTube video. She isolates and barricades herself at home in front of her camera from all the real things she usually calls her life and refuses any position that the world outside wants to impose on her.
Kat Kaufmann clicks through the digitally blurred reality with Alina, which boasts of its possibilities, but leaves people only helpless and confused. An 'ironic' (the it-word of Generation Y) YouTuber turns into a riot girl, who runs against the lazy promises of the brave new networked world and finally shatters at them.
Generation Y questions its whys, caught between self-dramatization, control and the compulsion to optimize, while the capacities of technology have long since overtaxed our human capacities.